Saturday, August 27, 2011

Liverpool vs Bolton - Saturday 9:30am PST

So we took on the mighty(sic) Bolton at Home and in the end had a comfortable victory ....

The comments page is open so by all means let us know what you think !

For members of LfcSeattle, we are going to attempt to get a blog up for each fixture when anyone watching the game came comment/chat/blog with fellow Liverpool fans during the game.

This will free up the facebook page and ensure nobody gets any scores before seeing the game. The beauty and the beast of being in different time zones eh !!!
The beauty being we have all day to celebrate a win .... The beast being that sometimes you can't help but find out a score before watching the game!!

So I urge one and all to chat away and let's get the blog going!!



  1. First post!!! Oh yeah cause I just wrote the blog!!! He he !

    Anyway ..... My take on the game ....

    Referee was bad (again) ... He won't be refereeing next week as a demotion will be coming ... Two possible/ probable pens and the backpass ... Geeezzzz!!!

    Bolton are a decent side. They have a good manager who sets them up to be tough to beat yet play the right way! They mix it up a bit as well with a quick ball forward to the likes of Kevin Davies, who will bring others into the game when he wins the ball in the last third .... Read that back and switch out Bolton to Liverpool and Davies for Carroll .... That's pretty accurate of what Liverpool will be doing this season. We do of course have some extra quality but by working hard the quality will come out on top ... We saw that today!

    News today is that Insua has left. A shame that his Liverpool career dwindled away, as he was thrown in the deep end too soon , a bit like Flanaghan if he ended up playing all season instead of 20% of games. That can take effect.
    Anyway I digress !!!

    So what did people think about our new look left side?
    Hendo? Skrtel at right back? Adams goal and general all round play? Better dead balls today from Adam ? Carroll when he came on?

    Penalty shouts?

    Next game ..... Assuming everyone comes back fit, who will be the starters?

    What say you

  2. Great to see a site for Liverpool supporters in Seattle. Great win, glad to see us playing attractive football again. We will be unstoppable when Stevie gets back.